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Worklist: Chest Call. 46 Cases

Case 134F with chest pain and dyspnea
Case 262F with endometrial cancer and dyspnea
Case 8Line placement
Case 960F with myelodysplastic syndrome, neutropenic fever
Case 1084F with fever and dyspnea
Case 1128F with Hodgkin's lymphoma on chemotherapy, now with dyspnea and fever
Case 1224M with Burkitt's lymphoma, on chemotherapy, now with neutropenic fever
Case 1362F with cough
Case 1447M with chest pain
Case 1560M with dysphagia
Case 1634M s/p MVC
Case 1789F with dyspnea. Look at first 2 series first.
Case 1846M with cough
Case 1921F with lupus, dyspnea
Case 2170M s/p cardiac arrest
Case 2326M with chest pain
Case 2534F with chest pain and dyspnea
Case 2667F 1 week post left upper lobectomy, with chest pain and fever.
Case 2728M with altered mental status, intubated, hypoxic
Case 28Feeding tube placement
Case 2980F 2 weeks status post paraesophageal hernia repair and fundoplication, now with fever
Case 3071M s/p endovascular repair of aortic aneurysm, now with hemoptysis
Case 3150F with cough and hemoptysis
Case 3280M with cough
Case 3336M s/p high-speed MVC
Case 3478M status post left pleurectomy, with hypotension
Case 3561M with recurrent esophageal cancer after esophagectomy, dysphagia
Case 3626M with fever and chest pain
Case 3731F with suspected aspiration during general anesthesia
Case 3871M with bacteremia
Case 3987F with decompensated heart failure, chest pain
Case 4137F with HIV, dyspnea, cough
Case 4275M s/p pacemaker placement, now with fatigue and weakness
Case 4384M with respiratory failure, s/p intubation
Case 4468M with heart failure s/p LVAD, developed hemoptysis after pulmonary artery catheter placement
Case 4633F with hemoptysis
Case 5132F with fever
Case 5221F with chest pain after vomiting
Case 7347-year-old woman, immunosuppressed, with fever and night sweats
Case 8275-year-old woman with nausea, vomiting, and chest pain
Case 8359-year-old man in the ICU, feeding tube placement
Case 8458M with fever and chest pain after travel. Look at lung windows from noncon first